Hendrik van der Schoor

I like to carry my idea's with me for a long time before I use them. Like survival of the fittest, the best ideas grow bigger and mature.

So I let the idea evolve organicly without pushing it in any direction

Of course, I am biased and as the designing process progresses I have to be more concise, but I try to stay receptive for other possibilities and sometimes even go back a step or two.

In this process of diverging and converging I sort of let the product design itself in a natural way, creating a whole and characteristic product that doesn't have my big stamp all over it.



After receiving my Bachelers at the Artez Artacademy in Enschede I have worked in commission making furniture and lighting, with all kinds of jobs in the manufacturing industry on the side, ranging from wooden kids furniture to bio-based composit products.

But I wasn't satisfied with my designs because the deadlines and budgets were restricting me too much to my taste.

Although the customers were usually very happy I felt like I needed more time than the deadline allowed to fully developed to their capabilities as a result.

So I decided to start designing for myself and take my time for it in order to let my ideas come to full maturity.



Hendrik van der Schoor

Schoterweg 53 zwart

2021 HZ Haarlem

06 14536506


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